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MA 1046 Scholarship – ATD Recommendations


Exception: In an effort to provide a transition from school to registered apprenticeship for highly qualified high school graduates, the sponsor has developed a scholarship program. In conjunction with participating high schools, the sponsor will make up to one scholarship available in each county covered by its standard. Scholarships will be awarded based on the following:

  1. The sponsor will mail a summary of the scholarship program to all high schools in its geographical area in September of each year.
  2. High schools wishing to participate must submit a letter indicating their desire to participate no later than October 31..
  3. The sponsor will provide each interested high school with scholarship applications and a summary of the scoring criteria.
  4. Each high school student wishing to participate must submit a completed application no later than May 23 of the student’s year of graduation.
  5. In March of each year the sponsor will poll its employers. Based on their willingness to participate the committee will establish the number of scholarships to be awarded and the counties in which they will be awarded.
  6. The committee will select no more than one employer from each county to sponsor a scholarship apprentice. If more than one employer maintaining its principal place of business in an individual county requests to sponsor a scholarship, the committee will establish selection criteria and select the most qualified employer.
  7. In June of each year the sponsor will evaluate the student applications. Scholarships will be awarded in June.
  8. Upon graduation and reaching the age of 18 the selected student in each county will be registered and placed directly in employment with the sponsoring employer.

Thank you for your interest in the Area 1 Inside Electrical JATC Industry Scholarship. The intent of this scholarship is to give the awarding recipient the opportunity to step into a career field that has taken other individuals months or even years to become a part of. The winner of the scholarship will be placed with an employer and given the opportunity to learn the required skills to become a licensed electrician.


Once the scholarship has been awarded, and upon completion of high school, the scholarship winner will sign a legal application that will make him or her a registered apprentice with the Bureau of Labor and Industries. The then registered apprentice will become gainfully employed, receiving a beginning wage of $16.26 per hour (not including benefits) with periodic increases typically every 6-months based on related training (classes) and on the job training hours accrued in the field. Once the applicant becomes an apprentice, he or she will be required to follow all the rules and regulations as dictated by the apprenticeship committee and the Bureau of Labor and Industries.


The Electrical Education Trust will provide the cost of tuition and books to the awarded recipient. This scholarship is renewable every year based on grades, performance in the field and evidence that the apprentice has followed all proper procedures as outlined by the committee. Should the Electrical Education Trust decide not to renew a scholarship, the apprentice will then make the decision to continue through the program at his or her own cost or ask to be withdrawn.


The related training portion of the scholarship can only be obtained at the Area 1 Inside Electrical JATC Training Center. Students are required to attend class one (1) evening a week from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM. This scholarship only includes the cost of books or tuition, or the combination of both. No other expenses are expected or paid.


Any apprentices not maintaining a “C” average, engaging in insubordinate behavior or failing to maintain reasonably continuous employment will not have his or her scholarship renewed and may face termination from the apprenticeship program.

As directed by the Bureau of Labor and Industries, the basic minimum qualifications for an applicant must be met and submitted by the applicant with this application. The basic requirements are as follows: 

In addition, you will need to complete the following form. Please do not leave any blank spaces. If it does not apply to you, write NA. All completed applications must be received in the JATC office no later than May 31.  Scholarships will be evaluated in June with awards happening in June.

Irene K. Weber
Director of Apprenticeship and Training
Area 1 Inside Electrical JATC











Applicant Full Name:______________________________________________________________________


Applicant Home Address:__________________________________________________________________



Contact Numbers: 

Home Phone:  (       )  _______________________    Cell Phone:       (       )  _________________________

E-Mail                          _______________________    Other                 (       )   _________________________


Name of High School graduating from:________________________________________________________


Names of other High Schools attended:________________________________________________________


SAT Score:      ____________________                    Date:    _________________

ACT Score:      ____________________                    Date:    _________________


Any other assessment tests that are recognized and administered by State or Federally funded employment and training agencies (EXAMPLES: COPES, COPS, CAPS, Reading, Writing or Math tests)


Name of test:    ____________________                    Score:  ___________              Date:    __________

Name of test:    ____________________                    Score:  ___________              Date:    __________

Name of test:    ____________________                    Score:  ___________              Date:    __________


On a separate piece of paper please list and detail the following:

1.            Work experience you have obtained

2.            Describe your involvement in any trade-related classes

3.            List any awards, scholarships or special recognition you have received

4.            Detail any volunteer work or community activities you are involved in.


With this application you are required to submit:

1.            300-word narrative describing your career goals and how this scholarship might help you achieve these goals

2.           A hand written summary including information you believe might be helpful to the committee considering your qualifications to receive this scholarship

3.           4 letters of reference from individuals not related to you

4.           Letter of recommendation from your Career or Guidance Counselor agreeing that you qualify for this scholarship.

5.          Signed, sealed and notarized official transcripts from all High Schools and Community Colleges that you may have attended or are currently attending.



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